Career Pathway Roadmap WebTool & Open Source Agreement

Career Pathway Roadmap WebTool & Open Source Agreement

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Oregon Department of Community Colleges & Workforce Development (OR)

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To provide education, career, and labor marketing information for students, advisors, counselors, parents, and others on specific occupations including job advance, skills and wage progression.

  • Provide visual roadmaps to assist in career planning and exploration.

  • Provide consolidated career information for an occupation in one "picture" with related labor market, education, and industry information provided through hyperlinks.

  • Provide students, advisors, and counselors across the state with a similar "roadmap" look and approach.


The Career Pathway Roadmap WebTool is software that is used by Oregon colleges to develop roadmaps that chart courses, certificates, degrees, occupations, wages, articulation agreements and other information for a given career. Roadmaps are displayed on community college website and are hyperlinked to relevent data on other website. The WebTool developed by the State of Oregon is available through Open Source to be adopted by other states and colleges. More than 350 roadmaps have been developed and are accessible thorugh (links to 17 colleges roadmaps; click on the yellow Oregon map). Oregon's Labor Market Information System also displays college roadmaps through its Occupational Reports. Oregon's community colleges use the Career Pathways Roadmap WebTool to create roadmaps for students, advisors, counselors, faculty, and parents to access career information for a specific occupation including competencies, courses, certificates & degree programs, jobs, job progression, wages, articulation agreements, as well as navigation to other pages on a community college's website such as financial aid. Roadmaps are created by the colleges using the WebTool (developed jointly by the colleges and OCCWD) The WebTool source code can be downloaded as Open Source from this website.

Open Source Licensing is available for other states and institutions to adopt. 350+ roadmaps for dozens of occupations are available for review. Uses XML.

  • Responsiveness to students use of WWW to learn about education and careers

Easy to create, update, and archive roadmap information for specific occupations.

Consolidated relevant information provided by occupation for students, advisors, counselors


  • Access to internet.
  • To adopt webtool, need assistance from IT staff to customize software to your institution's needs.
  • Training manual included with Open Source Licensing.
  • No cost to download source code

  • IT costs to customize source code for college or state system

  • annual maintainance cost (for 17 Oregon colleges and 50 associated agencies cost annual cost is $28,000)

  • If used for state system (multiple colleges) purchase of a specific server to store roadmaps may be helpful (cost approx. $5,000)

  • Develop common information elements to be included on all roadmaps for consistency.

  • Provide weblinks to state labor market information systems to provide access for job seekers.

  • Pilot test roadmaps to assure customization meets user (advisors, students) needs.

Continue to update existing roadmaps and expand to develop new ones.


Mimi Maduro
Pathways Initiative Statewide Director
Oregon Department of Community Colleges & Workforce Development
400 E. Scenic Drive
The Dalles, Oregon 97058
Phone: 541-506-6105
Fax: none

Mimi Maduro
Pathways Initiative Statewide Director
Oregon Dept. of Community Colleges & Workforce Development
400 E. Scenic Drive
The Dalles, Oregon 97058
Phone: 541-506-6015
Fax: none