Colorado CTE Advisory Committee Handbook

Colorado CTE Advisory Committee Handbook

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Colorado Community College System (CO)

Handbook can be accessed through the link: or from the Colorado CTE main page:; click on CTE Resources from the left menu, select Advisory Committe Guide.

Handbook can be downloaded into PDF version. Forms may be opened and saved in Word format from the website.

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The purpose of this toolkit is to help educators and business/industry representatives to strengthen career and technical education programs within a career pathways system through the use of advisory committees. The toolkit includes tips, techniques, and worksheets for adopting a systematic process for working with committee members.

  • Interactive toolkit that faculty may use to effectively develop and manage program advisory committes. The handbool is set up in an easy question and answer format with quick navigation guides to forms and templates. Sections of this toolkit include: Introduction/Organization, Advisory Committee Development, Committee Structure and Organization, Effective Meeting Management, Program of Work, Sustainability, Templates and Forms, and Glossary.


The Colorado CTE Advisory Committee Handbook is an interactive online toolkit that explains the benefits of program advisory committees and provides templates and forms to assist faculty with advisory committee set up and maintenance; the handbook also includes direction on program evaluation, committee member roles, and tips for program sustainability.

  • I. Advisory Committee Development:
  • Resource 1.1: How Can Your Advisory Committee Help the Program?
  • Resource 1.2: Specific Program Aspects Where Advisory Committee Members may be able to Provide Input and Resources
  • Resource 1.3: Where to Find Committee Members Sample: Program Information Sheet Sample: Advising Sheet Sample: Invitation Letter Sample: Confirmation Letter Sample: Thank You Letter, Non-selected Applicants
  • II. Committee Structure and Organization:
  • Resource 2.1: Committee Setup Checklist
  • Resource 2.2: Structure of Advisory Committee
  • III. Effective Meetings: Sample: Save the Date Sample: Information and Agenda Letter for Advisory Board Member Meeting Checklist Sample: Agenda 1 Sample: Agenda 2 Sample: Meeting Minutes Template: Meeting Minutes Effective Meeting Evaluation Template: Bylaws 1 Template: Bylaws 2 Formalizing Structure of Bylaws Resource
  • Resource 3.1: Tips for Streamlining Meetings
  • Resource 3.2: Using Technology for Communication
  • IV. Program of Work: Template: Program of Work Subcommittee Objectives and Strategies Annual Report 1 Annual Report 2 Template: Five-Year Plan
  • Resource 4.1: Program of Work Assessment
  • Resource 4.2: Self-evaluation Tool
  • Resource 4.3: Program Data Review
  • V. Sustainability: Sample: Postsecondary Advisory Board Member Benefits Certificate Sample: Secondary Advisory Board Member Benefits Certificate Sample: Thank You Letter to Board Member
  • Advisory Commitee Development

  • Effective Meetings Management

  • Program of Work Review

  • Program Committee Sustainability

Users will be able to invite, select, and provide orientation to new advisory committee members. Users will be able to manage meetings more effectively through the use of templates for meeting agendas, meeting minutes, meeting announcements, committee bylaws, committe setup checklists, and by ulitizing the tips for effective meetings. Users will be able to assure quality program review by using templates for assigning committee member roles and duties, performing systematic program review, establishing program goals and objectives, developing a program 5 year plan, and reviewing program data. Committee membership benefits and templates for letters of appreciation and service are also included in the toolkit.

Timesaving tips and templates; step by step guidance for new advisory committee development; effective program management tools


Ability to access toolkit website and download pdf and word forms and templates.

  • Toolkit is provided free; cost of program committee benefits/incentives may vary

  • 20 hours of staff time and printing costs were the only costs associated with this tool.

  • Advisory committe development-invitation, selection, and organization

  • How to run an effective advisory committee meeting

  • Goal setting and program objectives development

  • Tips for using technology for communication

  • Program review-curriculum, staff development, career and work based learning opportunities, marketing, recruitment, mentoring and resources

  • Annual report

  • Committee recommendations and feedback

  • Member appreciation resources

There are no immediate plans for revision. (Revisions will be made as necessary.)


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