Oversight Committee

Neil Moisey

Special Assistant for Academic Affairs

Montana University System

John Cech

Deputy Commissioner, Academic & Student Affairs

Montana University System

Teddi Safman

Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs

Utah System of Higher Education

Joe Cline

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

University of Nevada, Reno

Lita Burns

Vice President for Instruction

North Idaho College

Renny Christopher

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Washington State University Vancouver

Lily Berman



Karla Fisher


Maricopa Community Colleges

Jan Yoshiwara

Deputy Executive Director for Education

Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Tim Rogers

Associate Vice President

Chemeketa Community College

Clifton Sanders

Provost for Academic Affairs

Salt Lake Community College

Kaylyn Bondy

Executive Vice President

Williston State College

Rick Miranda

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Cerritos College

Allan Messina


Virgilio Lee Mesina