Concurrent Enrollment Best Practices: A Starting Point

Concurrent Enrollment Best Practices: A Starting Point

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Arapahoe Community College (CO)

Set on 51-acres with panoramic views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Arapahoe Community College is located in Littleton, Colorado, in the south metro Denver area. Arapahoe Community College also has two satellite campuses: one in Parker, Colorado and the other in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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Concurrent enrollment / dual enrollment programs provide the opportunity for students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit, thus putting them a step ahead on their college pathway. Concurrent enrollment options and offerings are growing in Colorado and across the country at a rapid pace, giving rise to new challenges and opportunities. Arapahoe Community College, one of the leaders in the concurrent enrollment arena in Colorado, has faced many of those challenges head on and is adapting and changing to better serve their dual enrollment students.

  • Providing a framework for a successful concurrent enrollment program.


This tool is designed to provide a framework for a successful concurrent enrollment program, by reviewing the process for course selection, faculty selection, and student registration.

Overview: Concurrent enrollment / dual enrollment programs provide the opportunity for students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit. Concurrent enrollment courses are offered on the high school campuses in the Arapahoe Community College (ACC) service area. Course Selection: In the fall, a catalog of potential course offerings is given to participating high schools. High school personnel select offerings by matching ACC course outcome requirements to their course offerings via the Common Course Numbering System available through the Colorado Community College System. High school faculty must be approved by ACC before these selections are offered out to interested high school students. These courses, as well as other pertinent information, are posted on the ACC webpage along with links to our partner high school webpages. Faculty: High school faculty must meet the same qualifications required of an ACC faculty member in order for the course to be offered as concurrent enrollment: a Master’s in the content area or a Master’s with 18 Master’s level credit hours in the content area or, in the case of a CTE course, a secondary credential. ACC faculty conducts occasional classroom observations to ensure that course outcomes are being met. ACC faculty members have also formed an advisory committee in order to be more involved in the concurrent enrollment program. Concurrent enrollment faculty is offered several professional development opportunities including an annual Faculty-to-Faculty event. During this event faculty from the high schools meets with the ACC department chairs and Deans in order to connect on a variety of topics. Student Process: Students who wish to enroll in a concurrent enrollment course must apply to ACC, apply for the College Opportunity Fund (a stipend created by the Colorado Legislature to offset the cost of higher education), complete the testing requirement (Accuplacer or ACT), complete the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement and Registration Form, and purchase the required textbook. When these steps are complete, the ACC Admissions and Records Department will enroll the students in the college course. Upon graduation, Arapahoe Community College offers concurrent enrollment students (who have earned a GPA of 3.0 in 12 credit hours) the chance to apply for twenty ACC Connect scholarships of $1000.

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This tool gives an overview of how quality faculty is selected and how student processes are defined, in order to implement a successful concurrent enrollment program. The process of course selection is also addressed.

Users will find some helpful starting points when seeking to establish or improve their concurrent enrollment programs.


Arapahoe Community College's Concurrent Enrollment Department consists of a director and two specialists, but also incorporates the expertise of many different departments, such as Admissions and Records, the Testing Center, Pre-Enrollment Services, etc. The program is housed in three offices, but much time is spent off campus in the high schools. The specialists are supplied with laptops, in order for them to access Banner off-site.

  • The budget given the Concurrent Enrollment Program covers three full-time salaries and an operating budget that includes a line item for Accuplacer test units.

  • The importance of involving faculty in the concurrent enrollment process

  • The importance of keeping in close contact with school district administrators, counselors and teachers

  • The importance of sharing the vision and promoting understanding of the concurrent enrollment program

  • The importance of organizing and refining your processes

Arapahoe Community College is offering concurrent enrollment options in every high school in their vast service area, in some capacity. The future goal is to be more stragetic in concurrent enrollment course offererings, in order to provide more defined college pathways leading to the realization of each student's Individual Career and Academic Plan.


Tammy Ward
Director of Concurrent Enrollment
Arapahoe Community College
5900 S. Santa Fe Dr.
Littleton, Colorado 80160
Phone: 303-797-5764
Fax: 303-797-5988

Tammy Ward
Director of Concurrent Enrollment
Arapahoe Community College
Phone: 303-797-5764