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General Education Model

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North Idaho College (ID)

To view the power point which describes the conceptual General Education model, see and click on General Education Model at the right.

Two-year community college.

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Our community college is in the initial stages revising our General Education model. Our goal is to create a system that addresses LEAPS Essential Learning Outcomes and that maintains depth and breadth for the students. We began the first stage of the process by creating a model (see website). We presented our model to the State's other two community colleges as out hope is to create a model that can be adapted and used by community colleges throughout the State. Our second step is to refine the model and develop outcomes and rubrics. This part of the process will involve the faculty input as to which specific courses would be included in each outcome.

  • Create an outcomes based General Education model/curriculum based on LEAP framework

  • Create a resilient system that can be adapted while maintaining its integrity

  • Adopt a State-wide model


The conceptual model is divided into two broad categories: Foundational and Integrative. These terms have since been revised to "Integrative" and "Ways of Knowing." Integrative outcomes are described as those that create a "structure," a model of understanding which creates a building blocks for students so that they can relate to other outcomes (Ways of Knowing) in a meaningful way.

This model is in the draft stage. It is a place to start discussions of how community colleges might integrate outcomes-based General Education into their curriculum. We plan to update our revisions as we proceed. Attached is a link to the website that has the power point presentation (click on General Education Models on the right hand side).

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We are beginning the process of working with the State's community colleges and beginning discussions.

The model has started serious discussions about General Education reform. We beginning the next step of developing outcomes and rubrics.



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  • Developing the model takes input from all campus entities, not just faculty

We plan to take the model to our faculty this fall to begin campus-wide discussions.


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