Capstone Course Proposal

Capstone Course Proposal

Capstone, Community-based Learning, Culminating Learning Experience, Service-Learning
  • Community Engagement
Portland State University (OR)

This exemplar is easily accessible with the click of the given link which will send you to the tool located within the Faculty Resource Section of the Portland State University Senior Capstone website.

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This tool allows faculty to propose Senior Capstone courses which meet real community needs, address general education goals, foster effective reflection and set clear learning outcomes.

  • Engage students in community-based learning.

  • Enhance students' sense of social responsibility.

  • Enhance students' appreciation of human diversity.

  • Enhance students' critical thinking.

  • Enhance students' ability to communicate effectively.


This tool was designed in order for an urban university to create and implement 240 community-based learning Capstones. It has fostered high quality courses with required reflective components that deepen students' learning in appreciation of human diversity, social responsibility, critical thinking and communication. It ensures that there are clearly stated learning outcomes, engagement of students from multiple disciplines, active community partnerships, and thoughtful course design to further student learning. For more information about the Portland State University Capstone, please visit:

1) These Capstone courses enhance student' critical thinking, social responsibility, communication, and appreciation of human diversity 2) They engage interdisciplinary teams of students in the community 3) Students create a final product that serves the community partner

  • Students report these Capstone courses enhanced their appreciation of human diversity

  • Students report that these Capstone courses enhanced their sense of social responsibility

  • Students report that these courses enhanced their communication skills

  • Students report that these courses enhanced their critical thinking skills

Outcomes have been published at:


Resources would vary depending on the number of students an institution engaged in the community.

  • The tool itself has no costs but involves the labor of a Capstone Program Director and Faculty Development Specialist

  • Although this tool is framed as a proposal, it is really a faculty development tool that is utilized to support faculty in effectively designing a successful community-based learning course

Future plans include expanding the number of proposals for on-line community-based learning Capstones.


Seanna M. Kerrigan
Capstone Program Director
Portland State University Oregon
Phone: 503-725-8392

Seanna M. Kerrigan
Capstone Program Director
Portland State University Oregon
Phone: 503-725-8392