Engage Estrella (E2)

Engage Estrella (E2)

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Estrella Mountain Community College (AZ)

Estrella Mountain CC is one of 10 colleges in the Maricopa Community College District

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This is a mentoring program for students where both faculty and staff serve as mentors. It is used to connect mentor to mentor where mentors can dialog and share best practices of mentoring students.

  • Keep students connected in school, ultimately leading to college completion.

  • Employees feeling more connected to the college


A mentoring program for students where both staff and faculty serve as mentors. There are two basic functions…1) improve the campus connections for students facilitating their academic success and completion and 2) utilize the mentoring experience as professional development for our staff and faculty (they can learn the life of a student; gain valuable interpersonal tools and acquire mentoring techniques).

Reports about the student's profile, life.

• Form working team with key members of the campus (President’s Office, Student Services, Career and Transfer Services, Counseling Division, Faculty, Marketing and Grant Team (Title V funding source).
• Define Mission, Learning Outcomes, and define mentoring (mentoring takes different forms and levels of commitment from both mentor and mentee through various components such as one-to-one, job shadowing and informational interviews – EMCC decided to focus on these three components in order to provide options for where the individual student is in the progress of their academic pathway. These three mentoring components also provided options for our campus employees and faculty, particularly in level of availability.
• Create plan of action and timeline (utilizing the strengths and expertise of team members and campus resources).
• Work with campus research office to design a well-rounded evaluation plan and tools.
• Develop program structure and gather input from campus.
• Integrate student and employee and faculty incentives:
a. Student: Scholarships (awarded each semester)
b. Employees and faculty: President Letter to the supervisor acknowledging participation in E2; formal recognition by campus and campus President; professional development (mentor training).
c. Faculty: Commitment assignment option

• Revise program structure as needed.
• Communicate to all employees and employee groups about the need for such a program and encourage participation.
• Include “kick-off” and closing events.
• Create separate marketing / recruitment plan for mentors and mentees.
• Establish strong online tools (website, Facebook, Edmodo).
• Develop robust mentor training and mentee orientation.
• Include mentoring agreement for both parties (specifying time commitment, appropriate behavior and program requirements).
• Provide resources for both mentors and mentees via training/orientation packet and online tools.

  • Number of students mentored

One outcome is that the student is connected with a staff or faculty of the college which benefits college completion.

Another outcome is staff is more connected to the college and is an active member of the college community

Increased student engagement with the college, as well as the employee engagement with the college community


Faculty and staff

  • $25,000 - $30,000

  • Marketing and promotional items

  • Direct program staff

  • Program-specific engagement activities

  • Deadlines are critical for maximum participation for both mentors and mentees.

  • Specifically outline stages of mentoring and the mode of communication needed at each stage. Include information in training and orientation and upload online as an available resource as needed.

  • • In regard to matching students with mentors, include in the application time availability, primary campus location, and major interest of student or areas of expertise of employee or faculty.

  • Avoid devisting from District policies

  • Avoid duplication of services and resources


Jonathan Robles
Title V Program Director
Estrella Mountain Community College
3000 N. Dysart Rd.
Avondale, Arizona 85392
Phone: 623.935.8000


Dr. Sam Dosumu
Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Maricopa Community Colleges
2411 W. 14th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Phone: 480-731-8124