Veterans Education Program

Veterans Education Program

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Returning veterans face many challenges and risks; this program leverages the resources of the university and community to provide access and opportunity by helping veterans gain admittance into universities, find jobs, translate their military skills into civilian life, and in many cases, rebuild confidence and composure.

  • The primary goal of this tool is to provide opportunity and access to higher education for veterans and current service members. This tool provides the necessary coursework in Extended Education so that student veterans can matriculate as degree-seeking undergraduates at Fresno State.

  • A goal of this tool is to provide counseling and guidance as veterans integrate into the university.

  • A goal of this tool is to provide higher education to veterans at no cost to the student. Although current service members and veterans may have Veterans Affairs benefits they can utilize, those that choose not to apply their benefits or those who do not have benefits will have their tuition, books, parking passes, and a tablet provided to them at no cost.

  • Work with development to generate enough gifts so that the academic portion of the program comes at no cost to the student veteran.


The Veterans Education Program tool provides opportunity and access to resources at Fresno State and connects veterans to support organizations in the Central Valley. We facilitate a sense of belonging for veterans on campus by providing a lounge, study area, dedicated smart classroom, and academic skill sets requisite for successful careers. Importantly, this academic tool specifically seeks service members and veterans who have been denied admission to the university for various reasons. After successful completion of the program, student veterans can matriculate to the university as degree-seeking undergraduate students.

This program tool is the result of an initial grant from the California State University Commission on the Extended University. The request for proposal for this grant can be found at:

Information about the current tool, including curriculum, classroom space, and computer lounge can be found at:

  • Bring in student veterans in cohort of up to 25 for the academic program.

  • Matriculate studnet veterans from program to the university as degree-seeking undergraduates.

This tool has been accessed by over 200 veterans in an academic year.
Matriculated student veterans enrolled in the academic program to the university.
Worked with community members to provide all expenses of the program at no cost to student veterans enrolled in the academic program.
Worked with local businesses to get student veterans employment.
Raised funds to buy all student veterans enrolled in the academic program tablets.
Raised funds to put two homeless student veterans in the dorm and provide a meal plan while enrolled in the academic program.

The tool has given rougly 12 veterans the opportunity to attend the university after previously being denied. Additional impacts include job placement and and sense of belonging for veterans on campus.


Director of program tool, student assistant(s), training in Veterans Affairs benefits, small office, computer lab, close coordination with a director of development, veteran certifying officer, and university admissions.

  • Director of Program

  • Studnet Assistant(s)

  • Student Veteran Tutition

  • Student Veteran Books

  • Tablets - Opitional

  • Coordinating services for veterans requires strong partnership and communication with several offices on campus.

  • Many veterans have complex college credits obtained from various colleges and universities, working with transcript evaluation and admissions is vital.

  • Although creating a sense of cohort with this tool is a positive feature, make sure student veterans have the opportunity to integreate with regular university resources and events.


Dr. Daniel Bernard
Executive Director
California State University, Fresno
Phone: 559-278-1902

Dr. Scott Moore
California State University, Fresno
Phone: 559-278-3010