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Surveys: Administration Staying in Touch with the People We Serve

Idaho State Univeristy,Division of Health Sciences

Keeping connected with the students, faculty and staff on a regular basis is one excellent way for administrators to assess the quality of their organization and to seek ways to improve policies and procedures. We have developed routine surveys that go to all faculty, staff and students at the end of each semester. Response rates have been excellent. Faculty and staff ideas have resulted in strategic improvements in our organization. Student surveys help us gauge satisfaction that can impact recruitment of new students.

Twice each year the Division of Health Sciences surveys all students, staff, and faculty. The staff and faculty survey vary from one semester to the next.

The student surveys are always the same, and are sent to students at the program level.

The faculty and staff survey results are shared at Opening Assemblies attended by faculty and staff each semester. Student surveys are used at the program level as a source of "continuous quality improvement." These surveys are global in nature and attempt to assess ways to improve what we do based on information from our the major constituents in our organization.

Linda Hatzenbuehler

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