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Remote Synchronous Psychomotor Skills Training

The geographic distance between campuses limited the amount of individualized instructional time for students as they were attempting to master the skills necessary to pass the state examination. Additionally, skills practice was repetitive and at times mundane for students, thus limiting their levels of engagement with the instructor and the task at hand. The Nurse Aide/Med Prep department devised a method to increase the levels of student engagement with both instructors and course content, and develop critical thinking skills and soft skills necessary for employment in the healthcare industry.
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LibGuides CMS

Western Dakota Technical Institute's Library Services
Within academic institutions' course management systems, resources and content-sharing are limited, resulting in a degree of siloing among and between campus entities. The LibGuides CMS tool allows flexible access to information; includes tools such as analytics, surveys/reports, and discussion posts to aid in evaluation and communication, and requires no special programming or HTML knowledge.

WDT LibGuides CMS allows WDT's library, librarians, and resources to have high visibility and versatility both on- and off-campus. We are a commuter college, are growing our online programs, and have a sizable adjunct faculty, so it is vital that our online presence be robust, which includes ease of navigation and access to high quality, concentrated resources. Instead of expecting students to meet us where we are, our intention is to meet them where they are. Our LibGuides contain resources that start at admissions (preparing for Accuplacer exams) to completion (career resources, preparing for certification exams) and span everything in between (financial and information literacy, successful study skills, as well as customized course- and program-specific resources. Collaboration is key to the success of our LibGuides. Faculty and departmental staff work with us in mission-driven initiatives as well as students suggesting content to improve their skills in everything from style formatting to anatomy drill and practice.

Sheila Hansen

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Technical Education at a Distance (TED) Model

Mitchell Technical Institute

Technical training and education typically includes face-to-face opportunities for students to observe, practice, and demonstrate hands-on skills needed to achieve required program competencies. The issue is how to provide hands-on skill training for online students without requiring their travel to campus. Furthermore, online students often feel disconnected and isolated in their studies. The TED model uses a variety of tools and activities to overcome this barrier.

Provide a hybrid delivery model incorporating web based videoconferencing, mobile device technologies, virtual simulations, highly interactive software, mentors, and off-campus regional labs. Combined, this results in online instruction and hands-on skills training that results in high quality "Technical Education at a Distance". This tool has been piloted to provide a distance delivery option for students enrolled in the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree program at Mitchell Technical Institute.

John Heemstra

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Technology Feasibility Research

SD believes that several technologies from industry could be repurposed for education. For example, augmented reality glasses used by BMW automotive technicians could be repurposed to enable students to explore engine components without the need for instructor assistance. The Trade Adjustment Assistance Career and Community College Training (TAACCCT) grant provided funds for SD two-year institutions to help strengthen their online and technology-enabled learning through this technology research. Besides potentially improving the quality of education, we found the technology potentially allows more people access to college courses--giving them the opportunity to obtain the skills, degrees, and credentials needed for better employment.

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Oregon Green Statewide Career Pathway Roadmap Website

Oregon Department of Community Colleges & Workforce Development

Provide one place where individuals can learn more about green job education and apprenticeship programs across the state including access to national and industry resources.

Oregon's Green Statewide Green Career Pathways website provides roadmaps for seven "green" emerging and existing occupations showing community college courses, certificates, and programs and apprenticeship programs available across Oregon. Labor market, industry, and career related information is also provided. Go to

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Mimi Maduro

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