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The Northern Way

53% of students and parents say that the service they receive from a college during the “shopping process” influences their selection decision (Longmire & Company, 2016). According to Longmire & Associates (2016), Colleges/Universities rank below the cell phone industry on customer service – which is near the bottom of all industries!
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Sector Mapping Tool

University of Hawaii System
States are notoriously blind when it comes to "seeing" the economy. In addition, little is known about the connections between academic offerings and the economic needs of the state. This tool forces discussions and makes clear the alignment or lack of alignment between the educational system and the economy of the state. In addition to higher ed connecting better to the economy, more needs to be done to connect K12 to higher ed. This site makes this connection as well.

This tool visualizes the entire economy of the state organized under sectors. The entire economy can be visualized and heat mapped. Overlaid on top of the heat map, one can visualize UH degree program offerings. Each stem job in the state can be highlighted. Each sector contains all the jobs in that sector. Every job in the state has a landing page and every landing page has the following info on each job: past and projected demand; salary ranges and comparison of salaries between all states for that job; degree attainment levels actually used by industry; production of degrees vs. demand in the state; skill sets, hard and soft, current companies advertising for this job by name and by county, and more. There is a cross sector search mechanism as well that is able to search across sectors.Therefore, the connection between jobs and degrees is made clear and the demand for that job can show whether education is under or over producing. One can also see high demand areas where there are no degrees being offered.

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