Articulation with Four-Year Pathways

Laramie County Community College

Building a partnership to aid the transfer of students from Laramie County Community College to Four-Year Universities.

This agreement is designed to ensure articulated pathways for LCCC students and give students a four year academic pathway. The agreement guarantees admission, completion of general education requirements, access to financial aid, scholarships, and student services for transferring students. The pathway gives a student a roadmap to their specific field of choice, starting with the broader associate degree at LCCC. A student who can see their pathway is more engaged and more likely to complete their degree.

Jeffrey Shmidl

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Oregon Green Statewide Career Pathway Roadmap Website

Oregon Department of Community Colleges & Workforce Development

Provide one place where individuals can learn more about green job education and apprenticeship programs across the state including access to national and industry resources.

Oregon's Green Statewide Green Career Pathways website provides roadmaps for seven "green" emerging and existing occupations showing community college courses, certificates, and programs and apprenticeship programs available across Oregon. Labor market, industry, and career related information is also provided. Go to

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Mimi Maduro

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Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Definition Handbook

Colorado Community College System and Career & Technical Education

Postsecodnary Workforce Readiness is Colorado's interpretation of 21st Century skills being taught, guided to and assessed. This handbook breaks down the barriers, explains the myths and clarifies the process.

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Lauren k Jones, MA NCC

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