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Cross-Institution Faculty of Color Mentorship Program is currently in review or is no longer available.

Cross-Institution Faculty of Color Mentorship Program

Despite efforts to diversify hiring and recruiting practices, the number of full-time faculty of color across the state has remained within 14-17% since 2010. National research shows that faculty of color experience unique challenges that are systemic and remain unaddressed: hidden workloads, campus climate issues, and lack of transparent supports. Research also maintains that mentorship can address many of these issues. The Cross-Institution Faculty of Color Mentorship Program endeavors to expand our system’s ability to mentor, retain, and provide the needed support for faculty of color. While this program supports our current faculty, it will indirectly impact future recruitment and hiring.
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Faculty Handbook

Laramie County Community College (LCCC)
We live in the information age yet communication challenges are consistently cited by CEOs as an organizational deficiency. LCCC needed a structure to assure that adjunct and full-time faculty have current and relevant information about expected practices. A handbook has served this need in the past, however printed documents quickly become outdated. An online handbook was envisioned as a singular, authoritative, up-to-date reference for all LCCC faculty that is easily maintainable.

The LCCC Faculty Handbook guides all faculty in carrying out the expected practices that pertain to the faculty role at the College. The Handbook was developed to replace the previous inconsistent practice of providing a printed manual that served as a general “how to” for classroom management but lacked the responsive, comprehensive, and collaborative structure to meet faculty’s needs. The Handbook is meant to provide timely assistance for the successful accomplishment of faculty responsibilities whether they are carried out by a long-term and full-time faculty member, or by a newly-hired adjunct faculty member with only superficial knowledge of the faculty role at LCCC.

Kari Brown-Herbst


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