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53% of students and parents say that the service they receive from a college during the “shopping process” influences their selection decision (Longmire & Company, 2016). According to Longmire & Associates (2016), Colleges/Universities rank below the cell phone industry on customer service – which is near the bottom of all industries!

To treat our students, families, guests, fans, and prospective students to the best possible experience – one that is a “step-above” any other University. This experience would include friendliness, cleanliness, courtesy and the highest level of professionalism found in higher education.

Joelle Lien

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Assessing Everything Else: Creating an Internal Assurance Asystem to Assess Support Services

New Mexico Military Institute

New Mexico Military Institute had a system for assessing learning outcomes but did not have a system to evaluate support services.

An internal assurance system was developed which is based upon evidentiary documents, both quantitative evidence with benchmarks and mission documents. The evidence documents act as the nucleus for the database. This system integrates the planning, learning, assessment and feedback loop and serves to facilitate submission of evidence to HLC by linking the Criterion and Components to the evidentiary documents but it can also link them to other accrediting agency’s requirements.

BG Douglas Murray

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OUS Entering Freshmen Profile for Oregon High Schools

Oregon University System

How does a university determine how well a high school is preparing their students for success in college?

Universities and high schools need to know whether students from specific high schools are performing college level work at, above, or below state norms. A report for each Oregon high school identifies the number of graduates from their most recent graduating class who attended a 4-year public university in Oregon the fall after graduation. High school academic performance using test scores and GPAs are compared to college performance including grades by subject area and retention to the second fall. Five year trends for the high school and counts of which 4-year public university students attended.

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Jonathan Jacobs

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Core Reform Tools

Boise State University

Reviewing and revising general education requirements for the baccalaureate degree

This tool is designed to outline the process used at one institution in order to examine its general education requirements with the goals of making major revisions to better reflect the learning outcomes desired for all graduates of the university.

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Sharon McGuire

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