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Highlands College - Research, Creative & Scholarly Activities Program

Highlands College

The retention of two-year students through the use of student-faculty research, creative and scholarly activities.

Students who are engaged by faculty in research, creative or scholarly activities have higher levels of retention to the following semester.

Dr. Elyse Lovell

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Maricopa-ASU Pathways Program

Maricopa Community Colleges

Building a partnership to aid the transfer of students from Maricopa Community Colleges to Arizona State University

Guaranteed admission to ASU degree programs when all MAPP requirements are met. Eligibility for participation in the ASU Tuition Commitment for Arizona residents. Specific scholarships available for meritorious students who complete an associate’s degree. Access to Transfer Advising and other pre-enrollment services on-site at the Maricopa Community Colleges. Cost-effective pathway ensuring all courses transfer and apply to an ASU degree.

Dr. Sam Dosumu

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College Prep Strategies

Standard College Preparatory classes are a necessity at Arapahoe Community College, with more than 50% of incoming students requiring at least one College Preparatory course. The College Prep Task Force continues to focus on improving student success and retention rates through a variety of initiatives, and remains committed to including part-time instructors in these efforts.

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