Managing Institutional Change: Budget Models

Central Washington University
Implement and sustain positive outcomes for a large institutional change such as RCM budgeting

Transitioning to Responsibility Center Management (RCM) Budgeting requires a commitment to coordinated model development with clear, well-articulated goals. An emphasis on collaborative governance allows stakeholders to assume greater responsibility for institutional change necessary for sustainability and innovation. Clear and regular communication with opportunities for questions and feedback enables continuous improvement in addition to institutional adoption of change mindset.

Gail Mackin

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Colorado CTE Advisory Committee Handbook

Colorado Community College System

The purpose of this toolkit is to help educators and business/industry representatives to strengthen career and technical education programs within a career pathways system through the use of advisory committees. The toolkit includes tips, techniques, and worksheets for adopting a systematic process for working with committee members.

The Colorado CTE Advisory Committee Handbook is an interactive online toolkit that explains the benefits of program advisory committees and provides templates and forms to assist faculty with advisory committee set up and maintenance; the handbook also includes direction on program evaluation, committee member roles, and tips for program sustainability.

Jennifer Jasinowski

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