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Northern State University
53% of students and parents say that the service they receive from a college during the “shopping process” influences their selection decision (Longmire & Company, 2016). According to Longmire & Associates (2016), Colleges/Universities rank below the cell phone industry on customer service – which is near the bottom of all industries!

To treat our students, families, guests, fans, and prospective students to the best possible experience – one that is a “step-above” any other University. This experience would include friendliness, cleanliness, courtesy and the highest level of professionalism found in higher education.

Joelle Lien

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Veterans Education Program

California State University, Fresno
Returning veterans face many challenges and risks; this program leverages the resources of the university and community to provide access and opportunity by helping veterans gain admittance into universities, find jobs, translate their military skills into civilian life, and in many cases, rebuild confidence and composure.

The Veterans Education Program tool provides opportunity and access to resources at Fresno State and connects veterans to support organizations in the Central Valley. We facilitate a sense of belonging for veterans on campus by providing a lounge, study area, dedicated smart classroom, and academic skill sets requisite for successful careers. Importantly, this academic tool specifically seeks service members and veterans who have been denied admission to the university for various reasons. After successful completion of the program, student veterans can matriculate to the university as degree-seeking undergraduate students.

Dr. Daniel Bernard

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Online Enrollment Verification Requests

Idaho State University

Streamline the enrollment verification process. Wanted an automatic service for students to request and receive standardized enrollment verification information used for scholarships, insurance, employer inquires, 3 party agencies. The process before the integration with Banner self-service was manual data entry and students had to provide hard copy signed releases.

To allow student to request enrollment/degree information from anywhere in the world, while providing a standardized and secure way to issue official enrollment information to students.

Laura McKenzie

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Highlands College - Intrusive Advising Program

Highlands College

The success of two-year students through the use of unique intrusive advising methodology.

Students who receive intrusive advising, in the form of multiple meetings/interventions, from an advisor who is also one of their instructors, have higher levels of success.

Dr. John M. Garic

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Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Definition Handbook

Colorado Community College System and Career & Technical Education

Postsecodnary Workforce Readiness is Colorado's interpretation of 21st Century skills being taught, guided to and assessed. This handbook breaks down the barriers, explains the myths and clarifies the process.

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Lauren k Jones, MA NCC

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