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The Northern Way

Northern State University
53% of students and parents say that the service they receive from a college during the “shopping process” influences their selection decision (Longmire & Company, 2016). According to Longmire & Associates (2016), Colleges/Universities rank below the cell phone industry on customer service – which is near the bottom of all industries!

To treat our students, families, guests, fans, and prospective students to the best possible experience – one that is a “step-above” any other University. This experience would include friendliness, cleanliness, courtesy and the highest level of professionalism found in higher education.

Joelle Lien

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Admissions Promise Program

Colorado Community College System

The Admission Promise Program assists in student retention by identifying specific transfer interest at initial point of contact.

The Admissions Promise Program is designed to encourage 2 year students to research and select their four year transfer option as early as possible. In doing so, the student has a tangible goal, with specific criteria that must be earned at the two year college. Clear expectations lead to better understanding and fosters commitment to one's goals. In addition, the program eases student transtion from the 2 year to the 4 year, as the student is dually advised and invited to events at the 4-year while still attending the 2 year. The program is designed to increase degree attainment through the requirement that students must complete their Associate's degree in order to be eligible for the guaranteed admission at the 4 year. Additionally, the four year benefits from having a qualified pool of students for admissions which reduces their recruiting costs.

Erin Hoag

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