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Strategy Sorting Tool

The sorting tool was developed to take the input of the President’s Cabinet to prioritize the top eight out of thirty-three strategies in the strategic plan that would have the greatest effect on Retention, Completion, FTE, and Transfer. Originally, the Sorting Tool was introduced during a training on the use of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics.
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Stretch the Million - Build Dakota Full Ride Scholarship

The Build Dakota Scholarship Fund was set up to assist in overcoming the workforce shortage South Dakota faces. Many businesses in South Dakota cannot expand because they lack the skilled workforce to keep up with current demands. Couple that with the state’s low unemployment rate, number of retirements in the next 5-10 years, and number of young people available for the workforce, they won’t be able to keep up with employment projections. Build Dakota gives students an opportunity to build a foundation for their future with no student debt and a set of skills for high demand, specialized industries.
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Desk Manuals

Portland State University
There are many administrative task that are done infrequently (once or twice a year), performed by more than one person, or need to be done by others when someone is on leave, not available or when there is staff turnover. It is difficult to remember or know what was involved, the specific timelines, agreements made, responsibilities, etc.

Creating desk manuals to document steps necessary to perform office tasks and creating an office culture of creating desk manuals.

Sona Andrews


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Faculty App: Profiles, Stories, and Scholarship

Faculty information is located in different places, different formats, or missing. For a student to find a faculty, their contact information, their class schedule, and their office hours, they have to navigate through different pages, various links, and sometimes find outdated or incorrect information. Some faculty members have created their own websites, which lead students outside of the CSUN environment and are difficult to navigate and do not conform the the University's branding standards. As for research, there is not one central place where faculty can find funded scholarly projects and connect to collaborate. The Faculty App aims are bringing all those components into one easy to use site.
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